14 Minute Workout Get Your Timer, Get Ready,Get Set ...Let's GO!

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Check with your doctor before doing any exercise program. The video below is just a sample of some of the exercises you can add to your fitness regimen! *There are 9 videos on this page, start with #1 after the sample video directly below!

#(1) Start With Mountain Climbers

Start out slow until you can handle it.

#(2) AB-Heel Touch

Great Obliques exercise - (Love Handles)

#(3) Push-Ups

Do as many as you can in 30 to 60 seconds. Your 14 Minute Workout in Pikesville will get you fit for life!

#(4) V-Crunch

Do these with or without a dumbbell.

#(5) Dumbbell Squats

Start out slow until you can handle it.

#(6) Dumbbell Press

Use weights that you can handle until you get stronger.

#(7) Stationary Lunge

Do not let your front knee go over your toe!

#(8) One Arm Row

Use weight that you can handle!

#(9) Stretches

Always stretch after each workout.


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